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Summer Event | Tanjong Beach, Sentosa

The Request

Every year, Partners Group organises a "Corporate Summer Event" for its ever-growing group of employees. Aimed at integrating the old and new members of the organisation, this event at the half-way mark of the year aims to recharge and rejunevate the employees.
The DBI Difference
Having ran its signature Summer Event since 2012, we constantly seek out to innovate and deliver new ideas. This time, we executed a "Splash N Dash" concept, where everyone got to expereince water and land activities. Dividing the group of 200 pax into a few big factions and further separating them into smaller teams, they were to accomplish various tasks and obstacles, in order to earn points back to their factions. Dragon Boat Amazing Race was a key challenge where they had to quickly learn the technique and paddle in cadence and with power. What a test of endurance and teamwork! Coupled with land tele-matches and sports games on the beach, everyone was brought out of their comfort (office) zones and enjoyed an afternoon of adrenaline and excitement. This was capped off with a sumptous BBQ buffet that we helped arrange with Tanjong Beach Club. Other provisions managed by DBI include photo booth with instant prints, ice-cream "uncle", 2-way transportation, venue management, awards & prizes.
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